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Team X-Gains Roly and Jaclyn

Team X-Gains is a husband and wife Beachbody Coaching Team devoted to helping people reach their own personal lifestyle goals.

Be it a new level of fitness, a more positive mindset, an avenue for reaching personal financial freedom while helping change the world in the process, or whatever the case may be, Team X-Gains is here to provide the support, motivation, and utilities needed to enable success…period!



I am health-nut-father-of-three with two bum knees and fully torn right labrum…oh, and a four-time graduate of P90X and P90X2, a three-time graduate of P90X3, first-time PiYo grad, and a recent 21 Day Fix graduate.

Since the age of 12, fitness & health have been more than a mere interest or hobby for me, since the age of 12 fitness & health have been a complete part of my everyday life – part of my lifestyle if you will. I have spent the last 20 years of my life reading and studying about (and experimenting with) how the human body moves, replenishes, and improves itself as a result of physical fitness and the fuel we give it.

Over the years I have learned, through trial and error (and successes and failures) what general rules of thumb work for most all of us and the tweaks needed for those of us who can’t seem to reach our own fitness & health goals via the same means everyone else uses.  And now, with Team X-Gains and X-Gains.com I am helping everyone I can reach their own personal lifestyle goals…one client at a time!

So, no matter what fitness level you may currently find yourself in, it doesn’t matter as long as you know where you want to be – because if you have a goal and determination Team X-Gains will provide the support and guidance to make sure you succeed!

Beachbody Coach Rolando Rodriguez


A mother, wife, teacher, craftswomen, cook, baker, and all around one of the kindest most caring person you’ll ever meet, Jaclyn Rodriguez is Team X-Gains resident cook and cheerleader…not to mention a 21 Day Fix graduate and fully responsible for cooking all of my (Rolando Rodriguez) food consumption during and after my transformation.  Jaclyn, or Niña as I most often call her, has been my rock for the last 18 years.  Through thick and thin, ups and downs, injuries and recoveries, you name it, Jaclyn has stuck with me through it all and is 90% responsible for all my results.  

Since we first met Jaclyn has heard me talk about my weight management issues day in and day out.  She has heard more about working out, diet plans, and staying committed to exercise then anyone could possibly ever imagine…and through it all she has stayed positive, attentive, and most importantly, supportive.  It was actually Niña’s idea to start www.X-Gains.com and to become a Beachbody Coach.  She knew how I much I loved to help, train, and support people as they reached their own personal health, fitness, and life goals, and she was the push I needed to start all this.

But Jaclyn is not only here to cheer me on!

Jaclyn has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness and healthy eating too!  How do you think I got my results…with as much as I love food I would never look like or feel like I do today if it meant eating cardboard and rabbit food the rest of my life.  Jaclyn creates, adjusts, and cooks my meals according to my goals – and I do the easy part: 1. workout and 2. eat!

So, be it support, love, cooking tips, or staying positive, Jaclyn is here to make sure Team X-Gains provides it all no matter what challenges my come our way!

Beachbody Coach Jaclyn Rodriguez